Dielectric Testing

Atlantic Crane Inspection Services has noticed a growing demand for the testing of insulated bucket trucks and insulated digger derricks and has prepared itself for those situations. All of our VON certified dielectric technicians using our testing equipment can determine if your machine were to become electrified, that your booms insulation could withstand the manufacturer allowed voltage. It takes very little for an insulated section to fail if electrified and could cause harm to those inside the bucket and anyone in or around the truck area. Our machines have the capability to test up to 100v, which covers categories A, B, and C.

Machines that may need Dielectric Testing:

  • Altec LRV models
  • Altec AT models
  • Terex Hi-Ranger models
  • Lift All LSS models

These are just a few examples of common bucket trucks that may require dielectric testing. Be sure to consult the manufacturers plate attached to the equipment to be certain that your machine requires dielectric testing.